Julie McCarthy comes from a family of storytellers and her work has a narrative thread that runs through it. Some narratives are literal and can include text and others are more poetic inviting the viewer to create their own story. She is drawn to themes that are a part of our daily lives and culture such as a sense of home, belonging and the way the past informs the present. She is also a street photographer delighting in the endless ways human beings can make you laugh or break your heart in a single gesture.

Julie’s work has been widely exhibited throughout New England. She received the Juror’s Recognition Reward from the Monmouth Museum, Monmouth New Jersey and has had a one person exhibition at the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, MA. Her work has appeared in Shots Magazine, The Sun and many others. She has published a book The Hair Project, that includes portraits of women who have lost their hair to chemotherapy with accompanying text written by each woman.

Julie lives in Stockbridge, MA with  her family